Volunteer for a Groundbreaking Trial Treating Hypertension

Having trouble reaching your blood pressure? We are looking for people who are affected by uncontrolled hypertension to participate in a research study to investigate a possible new treatment.

You may qualify if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with hypertension
  • Are regularly taking two or more hypertension medications
  • Do not work night shifts

Consider participating in the ADVANCE-HTN Clinical Trial for a chance to contribute to research that may lead to more effective treatment options for uncontrolled blood pressure.

Choosing to participate in a clinical research trial is an important decision. The information obtained from the ADVANCE-HTN trial may help in the treatment of future patients with uncontrolled blood pressure and will provide important information about how well people respond to the study drug being investigated.

All clinical trials are highly regulated to protect your safety and human rights. The research team can help explain this to you in further detail so that you are fully informed about the trial before you decide whether you would like to participate.

Qualified participants may receive:

  • Study-related lab tests and procedures at no cost.
  • Compensation for the study visit.
  • The chance to contribute to research that could help others.

Refer someone today and you may receive $50.