Does your child have atopic dermatitis?

Considerer participating in an investigational clinical research trial regarding atopic dermatitis (AD).

What are clinical studies?

Clinical studies assess new ways to prevent, detect or treat many conditions, including atopic dermatitis. They provide valuable information about the safety and efficacy of potential new medications. These studies are a part of how new treatments could be developed.

Clinical studies follow standards and are closely regulated. Every study is reviewed and monitored closely to make sure that the rights of participants are protected, no unnecessary risks are involved and that the study answers important medical questions.

About the Rocket Astro study:

Rocket Astro is a clinical study testing an investigational product as a potential treatment in adolescents (ages 12 to 17) with atopic dermatitis. This study aims to determine how well tolerated and effective this drug may be in helping to control and reduce signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis. This includes reducing severe itching, painful skin, and sleep disturbance.

Your child may be eligible to participate in Rocket Astro if they are:

  • Between the ages 12 to 17
  • Diagnosed with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis
  • Weigh at least 88 lbs
  • Have not responded well to topical corticosteroids (a type of medicine applied directly to the skin that reduces inflammation and irritation) and/or other topical treatments (medicines applied to the skin)

The investigational product works by blocking certain inflammatory or immune responses seen in people with this condition. The drug being tested is called “investigational” because it hasn’t been approved for use outside of this clinical study.

All study-related drugs and assessments will be provided at no cost to participants. You may be reimbursed for travel costs (such as fuel or bus/train tickets) to study visits.

How long is the study?

If you decide with your child to take part in Rocket Astro, participation will last up to 1.5 years. The study consists of 3 periods:

Screening period (up to 30 days): Your child will undergo several examinations to see if they qualify for this study. This may require multiple visits to the study site to complete all required tests

Treatment period (52 weeks): If eligible to take part, your child may receive the study drug for up to 52 weeks.

Follow-up period (16 weeks): After complete the treatment period, participants may be eligible to participate in a long-term maintenance study. Those who do not continue to the maintenance study will be asked to attend 1 follow-up visit 16 weeks after the last does of the investigational product.

What are the Study Medications:

Participants may receive either the study drug or a placebo. The investigational product or placebo is given as an injection into the skin. Your child may also receive the investigational product or placebo alone or in combination with other medications (topical medications, or medications that are applied directly to the skin).

Thank you for your interest in Rocket Astro!

To learn more or to see if you or a loved one may qualify for the study, please contact: The Patient Engagement Team